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First Post

Lets talk about me and what I plan to accomplish with this blog. It started in June of 2010 I had recently began to find myself interested in photography.  I made a Conscious decision to pick it up as a hobby. I read many blogs and websites looking at what skills I needed. I didn’t know what dslr or raw files or other photography terms meant. All I knew was I wanted to pick up this hobby. I got my first Dslr Camera in late September 2010. Fast Forward to a year and a few months I’m still in the infant stage of learning everything there is to photography.  Which is one of the main reason I’m starting this journal/blog.  There is a lot of information out there and It can be very intimating for anyone new beginning to learn I know I did. From purchasing your first camera to what bags or lens to get. I will write down everything I did for anyone to learn from my mistakes past and future.

I’m not a professional  by any means I’m just someone who loves taking pictures.  So I hope we can learn together As we continue to walk forward.